We’re small. But only in size. We think big.

We sell value, service, and quality when we talk to business

owners and we know that they can look past all of the hype

surrounding the Internet, and  see why having a website is a must.

You dont' have to have the biggest budget to domiate.

At Edenworld we will build your web page around your

business and your target market.

We can assist you with developing a brand new website

or upgrading your current design because your website is

your image, your brand, your mark of competence and capabilities.


Be part of Edenworld and join our group.

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Wed design & hosting

We have an open approach and design cost will depend on the contents of the website.

A small business may only need  some exposure and not necessary an integrated site. 

We will gladly give you our opinion and help you to get a  suitable  website for your business.

We build cost effective sites.


The need for small business Internet services has existed for several years.

Small businesses and start-up businesses alike are migrating onto the Web at an astonishing rate and making their online presence a higher priority than in earlier years. We aim to   help those businesses  maximise their marketing efforts.

It is very important to deliver your marketing pitch in a clear, no non-sense method.


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